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Liner services

Via Port of Norrköping a frequent service is offered, with shipping within Europe and to other continents, feeder services and rail connections.

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Vessels in port

Each year, the terminals in the Port of Norrköping are called by a variety of vessels on their way to and from destinations around the world.

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Port development

Leaving the Inner Port, we are facing exciting challenges. Now we are planning tomorrow’s efficient port with an expansion of the Pampus Terminal.

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Arriving vessels

22/03 GLEN

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Information on Swedish Dockworkers Union strike warning

Today, Feb 27th, the Swedish Dockworkers Union has announced a strike for its members in Swedish ports as of March 6th. Our assessment is that Port of Norrköping in the short term will not be affected much by this measure, since only a handful of the company's collective employees are affiliated to the Dockworkers Union.

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