Ship generated waste

For the Port of Norrköping special rules for handling ship-generated waste applies.

Arriving ships must give advance notice of the types and quantities of ship-generated waste they wish to deliver at least 24 hours before entering the port. Advance notification takes place in the Swedish Maritime Administration’s system for ship reporting, EMSA, Maritime Applications. Upon arrival, the ship receives a container where sorted waste can be left for a predetermined time. In the separate pdf files to the right you will find all information and rules for the delivery of waste as well as help for arriving ships to sort waste correctly in the port of Norrköping.

From 1 May 2023, new rules apply where the reception of waste at the port takes place under the supervision of an inspector. A waste receipt specification is sent by e-mail to the ship’s agent before departure. Notification to deliver waste must be made in connection with the ship notification no later than 24 hours before the call or departure from the previous port.

Waste delivery times are weekdays 07-20. Other times as well as weekends and bank holidays are determined by agreement with Harbour Master.