Port development

From the inner port to Pampus

The Port of Norrköping is moving away from the inner port to create space for new homes and a residential area. Instead, we are expanding in the Pampus Port. Having a modern and efficient port is important for ensuring a steady supply to the market. With the ongoing expansion of the port, Norrköping and its surrounding region are well-supported for strong future development.

On behalf of the Municipality of Norrköping, we have been working for some years to expand the port operations in the Pampus Terminal and transform the Öhman Terminal. This is part of the process of changing the inner port from an industrial area to a residential one. As a result, all port activities will cease in the inner parts of the port in the city.

The purpose of relocation and expansion

As the Port of Norrköping moves away from the inner port to make space for residential development, we are relocating much of the port operations to the Pamus Terminal.

• Using Existing Infrastructure: We’re making the most of the infrastructure around the Pampus Terminal and Händelö area.

• Reducing Traffic Congestion: This move shortens transport distances, reduces heavy traffic, and eases congestion in the city centre.

• Meeting Future Needs: We’re preparing for the future with smart logistics solutions, accommodating larger freight volumes, bigger vessels, and more efficient port production.

• Creating Space for Development: Our expansion opens up opportunities for valuable development in Norrköping.

• Environmental Sustainability: We’re committed to building an environmentally friendly, economically sustainable port.

• Supporting Regional Transportation: By securing the region’s transportation needs, we enhance the competitiveness of local businesses.

Norrköping is a key logistics hub in Sweden with excellent land and sea transportation networks. The city’s strategic location near major production and consumption areas makes it a vital player in the expanding Baltic Sea region. The Port of Norrköping is crucial for the city and the surrounding area as a central logistics centre. It plays a significant role in supporting local and regional businesses, with many companies choosing to set up operations in the region due to efficient transportation options.



Eric Gustavsson
Ola Hjärtström