Planned changes

Pampus Port & Terminal


At the Pampus terminal, the construction of a 220-meter new quay with a connected port area was completed and taken into operation in spring 2023. The existing quay length at the Pampus terminal is currently 610 metres. With the new part now in operation, the reconstruction of an adjacent 150-meter quay has started. The new section will include a reinforced and integrated part for handling heavy goods and will be completed in 2025. Once ready, the entire length of the quay – 830 meters – can be taken into operation.

Port basin

The extended port basin has a depth of 14,2 meters which is the same as the existing basin. This allows for a max draft of 13,5 meters. The basin is är 160 meters wide.

Port area

A new port area of approximately 40,000 square meters was put into operation in June 2023. This new port area primarily includes space for containers, but other types of cargo will also be handled here.

Sketch of the Pampus Terminal’s development (click for larger image) 

1. Expanded terminal area by 40,000 square meters.
2. A completely new quay has been built – P10.
3. Deepened, extended, and widened harbor basin.
4. Reconstructed quay – P8 – with an integrated section for heavy-duty handling, completed by 2025.
5. Total length when P8 is completed in 2025.

The development of the Öhman Terminal

Extensive work has been carried out at the Öhman Terminal, which has gained new areas for bulk handling. Warehouses have been demolished and new ones erected. Existing port areas have been adjusted, and office and terminal buildings have been renovated. In March 2023, work began to reconfigure the terminal’s stormwater drainage network, expected to continue until April 2024. The existing quay length (610 meters) at the Öhman Terminal has been retained.

During 2017-2019 the following changes have been implemented:

1. New transformer station, including power supply to cranes.
2. New personnel and office building.
3. Demolition of the brick warehouse to make space for new yards.
4. New wash hall/workshop.
5. New canopy roof and storage.

The highlighted area indicates the Öhman Terminal (click for a larger image).