Rules for access

Access control

All terminals in Port of Norrköping follows the international ship and port facility security code (ISPS Code) which includes access control. In the ISPS-classified area, only persons who has approved access by the port is allowed. Below are various types of access to the port’s areas.

Personal NHAB access card – the personal access card is assigned to internal staff, as well as external staff who do not have another compatible access card (eg ID06, SSG or similar card).
ID06 / SSG / other access cards – if an external person has a compatible access card, this must be connected to the port’s access system. State this when applying for access.
PORTIT – by ”visit codes”, for example, drivers who have to pick up or leave goods in the terminals.
Keys – keys is managed in the application for access.
Short (24h) non-recurrent visits – access is given after pre notification to your contact in the Port of Norrkoping and legitimation at each gate.
Visitors without applied access – Visitors may not stay in the port’s areas without a contact person present.

Mikael Persson