Notification and Freight documents

Sign for heavy loads

All traffic and goods delivered to the port must meet specific requirements for notification and documentation.

Arriving vessels

Arriving vessels should, not later than 24 hours before arrival, notify the port under what security level they are and the security level in last port of call. Preferably is the agent informed, who has to pass the information to Port of Norrköping.

Containers and other units

All loaded trailer units and containers intended for export shall be equipped with an individually numbered seal. The units shall be pre-notified or booked.

Other goods

Other goods than containers are to be announced. The notification shall be in writing to Port of Norrköping before the goods arrives, and consist of at least the following information:
- Shippers
- Goods mark
- Freight Forwarder
- Estimated weight / volume
- Destination

All goods must be accompanied by a shipping document that contains at least the following information.
- Shippers
- Goods mark
- Number of collis
- Weight / volume
- Destination

Note: If the shipment consists of mixed freight consignments, this must also be reflected by shipping documents, and consequently how many collis each batch consists of, and the marking on them.

Dangerous gods

Dangerous goods shall be announced at least 24 hours in advance.

Lack of documentation

Shipments arriving terminal without the above documentation requirements are met will be rejected.