Camera surveillance

Norrköping Port’s terminals are monitored using camera surveillance. This means that you as a visitor, as a person or by vehicle, can be photographed or filmed during your visit.

The camera surveillance is running 24 hours a day, every day of the year and covers both the land and water area in and around the port facilities.

The purpose of the monitoring is primarily to monitor quays and ship movements. The surveillance also aims to help investigations due to theft and vandalism.

All recorded material is stored digitally for 30 days on Norrköpings hamn AB’s server and then deleted. Only a few people in the company have access to the recorded material. As a visitor to the port of Norrköping, you agree that filming takes place, and that pictures and films are saved for the specified time.

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Personal data

Personal data controller:
Norrköpings Hamn AB, security manager

Contact details:
Port of Norrköping AB, Oceangatan 21, 600 06 Norrköping, +46 11 250600

Information about the processing that has the greatest consequences for the data subject, for example storage time of recorded material, transfer or publication of surveillance material to third parties: Norrköpings Hamn AB stores material for one month.

Purpose of the camera surveillance: The purpose of the surveillance is primarily to monitor quays and ship movements. Secondly, the monitoring aims to form a basis for investigations into thefts and vandalism.

Data subject rights: As a data subject, you can exercise several rights, in particular the right to access or delete your personal data. For further information about this camera surveillance, please contact us.