Boatmen services

From January 1st 2016 Port of Norrköping has a new agreement on boatmen services with Frakt & Trosstjänst.

The agreement is for boatmen services, meaning services at ship arrival, departure etc. within the Port of Norrköping area - Pampusterminal (container/break bulkt/oil), Öhman terminal, Inner port,  Heavy Lift crane, Berth 40, Tallbacken and Ramshäll depot.

Frakt & Trosstjänst is thus the sole supplier and responsible performers of these services in the port of Norrköping, duration of the agreement.

Order of service is made by the ship agent or shipping company representatives directly to Frakt & Trosstjänst, who invoices the completed assignments. All prices are available in the Tariff for 2016 from Port of Norrköping.

Contact Frakt & Trosstjänst:

+46 11 12 54 60
E-mail: info@fraktotross.se
Frakt & trosstjänst