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Timber is loaded onboard on a ship in the Port of Norrköping


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Port of Norrköping is one of Sweden's most important shipping ports for sawn timber.

Outbound traffic is dominated by sawn timber, with large volumes being loaded for export at the deepwater Pampus Terminal. Here is also a major capacity for warehousing and open storage for sawmills and traders.

At Pampus Terminal there is also a knowledge of sawn timber and an understanding of the logistics for sawn timber. The company has also spurred the establishment of systems and procedures for bar code labeling and electronic communications.

Shipping companies has for many years offered traffic with breakbulk cargoes to destinations that have traditionally been important to the sawmills. Particularly significant is the traffic on North Africa, the Middle East and the UK. Since sawn timber is increasingly also loaded into containers, the container terminal at Pampus is an important resource for our customers, with a load plate for efficient stuffing into containers.

The handling of round logs and pulpwood is extensive. A large proportion of these goods goes to sawmills and paper industry, which has a strong foothold in the region.