Pampus Container and Breakbulk Terminal


Mattias Liljesson

Terminal manager


+46- 706-188220


Intermodal full service terminal with storage facilities outdoor and in warehouses. The area includes a breakbulk terminal and a container port with integrated combi terminal for railway shuttles. Cargo-handling consists mainly of wood products, paper and containers. The terminal has facilities for stuffing in containers.


- 610 meters of quay with one RoRo-ramp
- Maximum draft 13.1 meters (quay P8 9.3 meters)
- Five railbounded crases (-50 tons) whereof two Ship-to-Shore cranes (Gantry) for containers and one hydraulic crane
- Caterpillar tracks hydraulic crane
- 330 000 sq m port area whereof 38 000 sq m warehouses
- Six railway tracks, up to 650 meters
- Intermodal combi terminal


Reception and Check-in, registration of freight documents. Any questions regarding borth breakbulk and container, please contact the office.


Pampus Breakbulk Terminal

E-mail: pampus@nhs.se

Energigatan 38
SE-602 38 Norrköping
Lat. 58 37 12.52560
Long. 16 14 35.01240

Phone: +46 11 25 06 74
Fax: +46 11 25 06 79

Opening hours Breakbulk Terminal:

Terminal: Mon-Thur 06.00 - 21.30, Fri 06.00 - 18.00
Trucks must arrive 30 min. before closing to be handled.

Pampus Container Terminal

From Monday 21 September, 2020, flows to and from the container terminal will take
place directly via gate B, Oceangatan 16, after made electronic pre-notification,
as follows:
• Containers are electronically pre-notified by the haulier via the Port of Norrköping’s
system and driven in via gate B. There will be no need or possibility to
notify units manually.
• The exception will for the time being be the arrival notification of containers
with dangerous goods. These will be handled directly in gate B where the documentation
is also taken care of.

Gate A, Energigatan 38, will continue to be staffed, and will handle any
exceptions to the above points. Please note that containers must continue
to be driven in via gate B and external traffic within the port area between
the Containerterminal and the Breakbulk terminal is strictly prohibited.

For support please contact us by phone or e-mail:  +46-(0)11-2506-83/84 (06.00-16.30) 

E-mail: contterm@nhs.se

Opening hours Container Terminal:

Terminal: Mon-Thur 06.00 - 20.00, Fri 06.00 - 18.00.