Pampus Terminal can accommodate vessels with 13.1 metres maximum draft. Inner Harbour can accept vessels with 8.9 metres draft.

Rail links

Main railway between Stockholm and southern Sweden passes through Norrköping. Most quays and terminals in the Port of Norrköping are rail linked. Railway to Pampus Terminal is planned to be electrified in a near future.

Road links

Northbound E4 motorway links Norrköping with Stockholm, Gävle, Sundsvall and the north. Southwest-bound E4 goes to Linköping, Jönköping, Helsingborg and Malmö. Southbound E22 motorway connects Norrköping with Kalmar, Karlshamn and Karlskrona.

Route 51 links Norrköping with Örebro, Karlstad and Oslo. Route 55 with Mälardalen region.