Time schedules

We work according to the following schedule. Schedule and execution can be affected by political decisions and other processes demanded at port operations, reconstruction and expansion.


  • We leave the northern quay at the Inner port. 
  • Initiates application for environmental judgement and water operations at the Pampus Terminal.
  • Decisions are being made about the extent of the expansion at Pampus and Öhman Terminals.
  • Preparation of system documents for planned expansion at the Pampus Terminal. (systemhandling)
  • Projecting of planned actions at the Öhman Terminal.
  • Detailed planning of project Kardonbanan (new railway).


  • Submission of permit application for … and water operations at the Pampus Terminal. Environmental judgement.
  • Contracting at the Öhman Terminal.
  • Continued work with system documents for expansion at the Pampus Terminal.
  • Production of tender documents for expansion of the Pampus Terminal.
  • Contracting for Kardonbanan (new railway) starts.


  • Environmental judgement for water operations at the Pampus Terminal.
  • Contracting at the Öhman Terminal ends.
  • Specifications for the expansion are provided.


  • New port areas at the Öhman Terminal
  • Procurement of dredging and pre-contracting.
  • Construction work of pre-contracting at Pampus Terminal.
  • Construction for dredging begins.


  • Dredging operations finsih.
  • Construction work for quays and port areas begin.
  • Specifications for electrical systems etc for the Pampus expansion are provided.


  • Construction work - quays and port areas.
  • Construction of electrical systems etc begins


  • Construction work at Pampus Terminal finishes.
  • Comissioning of new quays and port areas.

Current state of affairs

  • Local plans
  • Business license
  • Water-right judgement
  • Building permits