Port Tariff 2021

The Port of Norrköping’s port tariff for 2021 has been revised according to our customers requests with a focus on clarity, logic and layout.
The tariff is published here on our website.Port Tariff 2021

Dredgingworks in the Pampus Terminal starts October 1st

The dredging work that began in the Pampus Terminal during the autumn and
winter of 2019/20 will be completed during the autumn of 2020 and be ongoing
until January 2021. After January 2021, minor dredging work remains in the
vicinity of the existing quay.
Blastings will also be carried out this autumn, but for a shorter period of time.

The expansion of the capacity at the Pampus Terminal, in the Port of Norrköping, began in
November 2019 and includes new quays and terminal areas as well as deepening of the
water area in the harbor basin. The water activity mainly consists of dredging at the new
quays and in the harbor basin.

Blasting work underwater starts October 1st

Blastings will take place underwater in the western parts of the Pampus Terminal and will
start on October 1st. They can be felt in the immediate area through vibrations and be heard
as a rumbling boom. The blastings will be preceded by warning signals before the start of
the blast through long and short signals, as well as a longer signal after the blast has been
performed. Blasting will take place once to twice a day, between 7 am and 9 pm. Blastings
have already been going on, since August, in the Pampus Terminal area on land, and these
blastings can also be felt and heard on and around Händelö.
Blastings underwater will be carried out from the 1st of October and will last for about 1-2

Dredgingworks will be made from October 1st 2020 until January 2021.

Work will be carried out along the harbor basin in the Pampus Terminal. The dredging work
is expected to be completed in January 2021. After January 2021 minor dredging work remains in the vicinity of the existing quay.
Longer ice periods can, however, delay completion. Great consideration is also given to, for
example, fish’s reproduction time, which governs during which times of the year dredging
and blasting may take place.

Customer information and statement from the Port of Norrköping

Due to the ongoing fire at E.on, Händelöverket, we provide clarifying information specifically aimed at our customers.

On Sunday, September 20, a large fire broke out in E.on’s facility Händelöverket, close to Pampushamnen. Wood chip and other storage at the plant caught fire, with a long extinguishing work as a result.

The smoke from the fire has had a strong impact on the Port of Norrköping’s operations at the Pampus Terminal. As a result, we provide written information and statements to our customers. See PDF file on this page.

The container terminal opens at 08.00 today

After being closed due to the problems with fire smoke from Händelöverket, Pampus Container Terminal will reopen today Wednesday at 08.00.

We apologize for the disruption that our customers have experienced since Monday, but it has been necessary for us to take measures with regard to work environment and safety aspects, both for our own staff and oncoming traffic. The extinguishing work after the fire at E.on Händelöverket is still ongoing, and depending on the development in their area, disturbances may occur again.

We thank our customers for their patience and hope for understanding the situation that has arisen.

Pampus Container Terminal is closed Tuesday September 22

After the fire at Händelöverket, there is still a lot of smoke in parts of the Pampus Terminal on Tuesday. Yesterday's decision to keep the container terminal (Gate B) closed therefore applies until further notice. Our Operations management follows the development closely, and a new decision on possible opening will be made Wednesday morning, after 07.00.

The dry cargo terminal (Gate A, Energigatan) has been open since Monday afternoon.
We regret that we have not yet been able to open up the entire business after the fire, but strive for fast and clear communication and updates.

/ Operations management


Updated operational information, Container terminal

After the fire at Händelöverket, there is still a lot of smoke in parts of the Pampus Terminal on Tuesday morning. Yesterday's decision to keep the container terminal (Gate B) closed therefore applies until further notice. A new decision will be made before 12.00.

After the fire at Händelöverket, there is still a lot of smoke in parts of the Pampus Terminal on Tuesday morning. Yesterday’s decision to keep the container terminal (Gate B) closed therefore applies until further notice. Our production management follows the development closely, and a new decision on possible opening during the day will be made in the morning, no later than 12.00.

The dry cargo terminal (Gate A, Energigatan) has been open since Monday afternoon.

We regret that we have not yet been able to open up the entire business after the fire at Händelöverket, but strive for fast and clear communication and updates.

/ Production management

Gate A, Break Bulk is now open

The Pampus Break Bulk, Energigatan (Gate A) is now open again for traffic and goods reception.

Current fire information, ongoing measures and opening of the Pampus Terminal

The major fire that broke out on Sunday in a depot at E.on’s heating plant Händelöverket had an immediate impact on port operations at Pampus Terminal in Norrköping. During the evening and night, the company’s staff has made a strong effort, with a focus on securing operations, and minimizing the risk of injury to people, goods, ships and other traffic. As a result of the incident at Händelöverket, we were forced on Monday morning to decide to keep the Pampus Terminal closed for the time being, with consequences for the business’s production and incoming land and sea traffic, as well as for the company’s staff.
At lunchtime on Monday, the Rescue Service was able to announce that the danger to the public is over and that the general restrictions that have been in place have been lifted. However, heavy smoke remains in the area around the Pampus Terminal, which can have an impact on people in the area and cause us to have to make further decisions about the operations and traffic in the terminal.

The current planning is as follows:
Gate A for Break Bulk, Energigatan: After consultation with the Rescue Service, we have decided that the gate for Break Bulk at Energigatan 38 will be opened to customers and traffic on monday afternoon. As soon as we have green light we will announce that the terminal is open.
Gate B for container, Oceangatan: Our current effort is to open up the container terminal on Tuesday, starting at 08.00. However, this only if the conditions allow this, with reference to the fire and the smoke situation. Full information about this will be given tomorrow Tuesday at approximately 07.00, at this website and in direct contact with the container hauliers concerned.
The Oil Harbour has not been affected by the current restrictions, and is open as usual.

Finally, we would like to inform, the decisions made due to this firesituation were forced to be made to ensure port operations and the rescue service’s work. We do not consider ourselves responsible for any disruptions and costs that may arise in our customers’ operations.
/The Management, Port of Norrköping

Pampus Terminal closed for the time being due to fire smoke

The fire at Händelöverket, which started on Sunday, is not yet under control on Monday morning. Due to heavy fire smoke, we have been forced to decide that the Pampus Terminal will be closed for the time being during the day. The forecast for if and when the terminal can be opened during the day is unclear.

We provide continuous information here on the website and in other channels.

Ongoing fire at area belonging to E.on on Händelö

On Sunday afternoon, a major fire broke out inside E.on’s area on Händelö, Norrköping. The fire causes a strong smoke development near the Pampus Terminal in the port of Norrköping.

The rescue service is currently working to control the fire. During the afternoon, a message was sent out to the public regarding the heavy smoke development. Those who are in the vicinity of the fire are advised to go inside and close doors, windows and ventilation if they feel the smoke.

Current information about the fire is available on the Räddningstjänsten Östra Götaland’s website, read more here.

Electronic pre-notification to the Pampus terminal, container

The reception for Container, Oceangatan 9, will close on Friday 18 September.
From Monday 21 September, flows to and from the container terminal will take
place directly via gate B, Oceangatan 16, after made electronic pre-notification

The development of the port of Norrköping is ongoing, and will continue during the autumn of 2020, with a greater concentration to the land side with expansion
of the quay, and new storage areas in Pampusterminal, on Händelö.
Work in the near future is concentrated on preparatory work for a larger logistics area in connection with the Pampusterterminal, at the same time as we provide the
new construction of the quay and terminal areas with rock masses. In doing so, we ensure efficient and sustainable logistics in the ongoing port development
projects while at the same time preparing space for larger future logistics space.

The reception for Container, Oceangatan 9, will close on Friday 18 September
From Monday 21 September, flows to and from the container terminal will take
place directly via gate B, Oceangatan 16, after made electronic pre-notification,
as follows:

• Containers are electronically pre-notified by the haulier via the Port of Norrköping’s
system and driven in via gate B. There will be no need or possibility to
notify units manually.
• The exception will for the time being be the arrival notification of containers
with dangerous goods. These will be handled directly in gate B where the documentation
is also taken care of.

Gate A, Energigatan 38, will continue to be staffed, and will handle any exceptions to the above points. Please note that containers must continue
to be driven in via gate B and external traffic within the port area between the Containerterminal and the Breakbulk terminal is strictly prohibited.
For information about our pre-notification visit:

Expansion works including blasting starts from september 8

The expansion of the port of Norrköping is ongoing, and will continue during the autumn of 2020 with a greater concentration on the land side with the expansion of the quay, and new storage areas in the Pampusterminal, located on Händelö, Norrköping.

During week 37, starting on Tuesday, September 8, groundworks will begin for the upcoming storage area, which includes blasting in the western part of the port.
Rock masses from these blasts will then be reused in future quay construction. Blasting will be carried out continuously two to three times daily Monday-Friday between 06.00-18.00 during the autumn of 2020 and the start of 2021. The blastings will be heard and felt in the vicinity of the port, but can also be heard at a longer distance from the port, depending on wind and wheater conditions. A warning signal will sound before blasting, the signal will be more intense closer to blasting, after blasting a longer sustained signal will be heard.

All work is carried out in accordance with current permits and taking into account set limit values, safety distance to people, buildings and goods. Our hope and absolute starting point is that any disruptions from future work will be as small as possible.

For questions, please contact Projectmanager, Port of Norrkoping: Eric Gustavsson, +46-11-250621, eric.gustavsson@nhs.se
or communications, Port of Norrköping: Linda Jonsson Melin, +46-11-250656, linda.jonsson.melin@nhs.se

New procedure to apply for access to the Port of Norrköping

From the 1st of May, new applications for access to the port of Norrköping will be digital.

You find the application form on our website. After submitting the application you will be contacted by our card administration for further instructions.
If you already have an authorized entry / access card, you will not be affected by the change before your access has expired and must be renewed / changed.                               
Pre-notification of transports must still be made to the gates in the best possible time.
For short (24h) and non-recurring visits, please contact your contact person at the Port of Norrkoping.

Read more about rules for access and find the application form here.

Status Report covid-19

The Port of Norrköping continues to follow the situation regarding covid-19, and we are taking a number of measures to protect our employees and visitors to the port, and to secure service. It is a top priority for our port to remain fully operational.

The Port of Norrköping continues to follow the situation regarding covid-19, and we are taking a number of measures to protect our employees and visitors to the port, and to secure service. It is a top priority for our port to remain fully operational. We are currently fully operational, and have no disturbances related to the Corona situation. The planning of operations and incoming traffic is proceeding according to plan, we have not experienced any major deviations in traffic and volumes. We try to have a close dialogue with our clients, and are currently well equipped to meet the needs of the trade and export industries with good container access in the port.
At the same time, we can see that the overall transport system is greatly affected by the prevailing conditions. We follow the development closely and we are taking the measures that the authorities deem as necessary.

Development of the port, underwater blasting finished for the season

The dredgingwork at the Pampus Terminal for better basins and longer quay started in November 2019. From the middle of December there has been work including underwater blasting. This work is now finished for this season and we can summarize a winter with very successful results especially regarding impact on the environment, as we see results well below limit values.

We want to thank all involved for good cooperation and understanding of these works this winter.
Some work including underwater blasting remains and will start again in October 2020. 

The port of Norrköping is developing a modern and efficient port, valuable to ensure market supply. We create an environmental, business and socio-economically sustainable port. We secure the regions need for functioning transportation and strengthens regional business competitiveness. With a continuously expansionary port,
Norrköping and its surrounding region has a good support for strong future development.


Information regarding coronavirus covid-19

In Sweden the Public Health Agency of Sweden has a national responsibility for public health issues and works to ensure good public health. The agency also works to ensure that the population is protected against communicable diseases and other health threats. The Port of Norrköping follows their regulations and recommendations and takes all actions asked.

Information regarding covid-19 for trevellers
(external link)

Underwater drilling and blasting works at Pampus Terminal

The dredgingwork at the Pampus Terminal for better basins and longer quay started in November 2019.
From the middle of December the work will proceed with underwater drilling and blasting.

Arrivals and departures will be sceduled by the harbourmaster so that they won´t
collide with blasting procedures.The underwater drilling and blasting will be ongoing until 31st of March and
start again in October and end in January 2021.
Blasting will be ongoing up to three times a day between hours 07.00- 23.00, just outside berths P6-P10.
The blastings will be made underneath the water and can be felt as vibrations and heard as a rumbling boom.

Read more about our port development project>>>

New container service

In mid-August, a new container line will be started with weekly traffic between Port of Norrköping and Poland. The new line will be a powerful link between Eastern Central Sweden and the important ports of Gdynia and Gdansk.

It is the Danish shipping company Unifeeder that from mid-August will offer a new service to and from Norrköping. Unifeeder is Europe’s largest player in feeder and short sea shipping. Since earlier, the shipping company has a weekly route between Norrköping and Hamburg. With the new line, which will operate on Gävle and Norrköping, a powerful link is created between east central Sweden and the ports of Gdansk and Gdynia.

Container handling in Port of Norrköping has in recent years had steady growth. Shipping increases in the Baltic Sea area, and Norrköping’s geographical location and large flows of both exports and imports have been the basis for an increased supply of the shipping lines and feeder services. At the same time, the port is growing, with an ongoing expansion of capacity and service.

Icebreaker Atle visits Port of Norrköping

From Friday afternoon July 5 to Sunday afternoon, July 7, Port of Norrköping is visited by the state icebreaker Atle.

On Saturday, July 6, an event is organized for the public, showing the ship at the Pampus Terminal. This arrangement imposes restrictions on other vessel traffic and port production in Pampus Terminal on Saturday 6 July.

We ask you to note the information and plan based on this, and also to pass this on to your contacts who may be concerned.

More information about the event will be published onwards.

First signs of port expansion visible

Port of Norrköping face exciting challenges for the future with our planned expansion of the port. But we are not just expanding – we are evolving the port to offer our customers more benefits and new values, to create a more sustainable harbor and thereby expanding our growth.

For the moment the first visible signs of the forthcoming expansion. In the initial phase preparatory work, such as preparations of establishment areas and decontamination in the area. The project is developed into three parts: preparations, dredging and port construction. Preparatory work, now in progress, will be going on until august.

Dredging will then take off, and the construction for the port expansion, I e quay and port areas are scheduled to start during summer/autumn 2020.


Hans Karlsson new Operations Manager

Hans Karlsson is from March 11 our new Operations Manager. Hans started in the company in January and has had a solid introduction to our business.

Hans has long experience within transport, logistics and production and was previously with Econova, DHL and Alltransport. We welcome him to Port of Norrköping!

Tomas Gustavsson, temp Operations Manager, will be with the company until April 30, and will then retire. Robert Olsson, former Operations Manager, has moved on to new tasks within Port of Norrköping.

New Sales manager ready for future challenges

After nearly 20 years in the company, with strong focus on business, clients and sales, Tomas Gustavsson now retires, at an early age, this autumn. Port of Norrköping expresses its great thanks for these years, as Tomas now hands over to Magnus Grimhed, whom has been in the company for the past year, and as of September 1, takes over the role of Sales manager.

Magnus Grimhed has extensive experience from the shipping industry. Over the last ten years, he has been active in the Maersk Group on various positions in commercial roles, including General Manager of Seago Line Scandinavia. Since May 2017, Magnus has been working on sales and business development at Port of Norrköping, now taking over as sales manager.

- It has been very productive to work in parallel with Tomas and I would like to thank him a lot. He has a long and very solid experience from the port and shipping industry and has meant a lot for the development of the port, says Magnus.

- During the past year I have gained good insight into our own and our customers’ activities. At the same time, I have been able to expand my network from previous jobs with many new contacts, says Magnus. I’m really looking forward to further developing the contacts and working close to customers to see how we can create more value.

Port of Norrköping is now facing a time of major development. Growth has been good in several business areas, and recently clear signs of the major expansion of the Pampus terminal was given. The completion of the expanded Pampus terminal is estimated in 2023 and will mean a significant increase in capacity to meet future demands for increased freight volumes, larger vessels and more efficient production.

- We are facing an exciting development. There are certainly real challenges ahead, Magnus concludes.

Expansion of the port of Norrköping continues

The planned expansion of the port of Norrköping is important for the regions business and the possibilities for efficient and sustainable transport. Now the Environmental court has given its necessary approval for the expansion. The project now enters next phase, with the aim of commencing dredging work in 2019.

- We now have the environmental ruling we need to expand the ports capacity. We can now start with the expansion which is needed to cope with increased freight volumes, larger vessels and more efficient production at the port, says Henrik Åkerstöm, CEO, Port of Norrköping.

On behalf of the municipality, Port of Norrköping operates the expansion of Pampushamnen at Händelö. It is a part of the transformation of the inner harbor to the residential and inner city area.

- I am glad we have got a good start to start such a big and important venture for Norrköping and the region. The port is of great importance for our businesses and the upcoming expansion strengthens Norrköping as one of the country’s leading logistics areas, says Pontus Lindblom, Business director, Municipality of Norrköping.

- We ensure efficient supply of goods for our existing and future companies, while at the same time we can carry out an exciting and sustainable urban development in the inner harbor, Pontus Lindblom continues.

- It is with great responsibility, but also confidence, we are developing the port. We have an important role to fill to create value for businesses and to build sustainable supply chains in the future, CEO Henrik Åkerström summarizes.

Shortsea - what advantages can we get?

Last week we broke the news that Port of Norrköping will be shortsea hub for Greencarrier. But what is shortsea and what environmental benefits can we gain? Take a look at our film and see what we think!

Port of Norrköping shortsea hub for Greencarrier

For a long time shipping has been crucial for long-distance freight transport. Now the interest in utilizing shipping's available capacity and environmental benefits is increasing, even at shorter distances. Now some of the market's leading players make a move on so-called shortsea to Sweden, with Port of Norrköping as a node.

Freight forwarder Greencarrier is behind the new venture, where Norrköping port becomes an important link and distribution point.

- We build the concept of feeding vessels that run once a week between Gdansk in Poland and Norrköping. On these vessels we load containers that have been collected at our own terminal in Poland. When arriving in Norrköping we can drive a container directly to the importer or let the piece of goods go to the customer on a truck loop, says Stefan Larsen, Ocean Manager at Greencarrier Freight Services.

Behind the shipping line is the container shipping company Seago Line, a subsidiary of Maersk Line.
- Seago Line is a shipping company that strongly believes in developing this type of business. Traditionally, traffic to and from the Mediterranean is where we have our large volumes, but in recent years interest and traffic in the immediate area have increased significantly. Not least for our direct line between Gdansk and Norrköping, says Jesper Sundsten, Marketing Manager at Seago Line Scandinavia.

- We are, of course, very happy that Greencarrier has chosen Port of Norrköping for this effort, says Magnus Grimed, Business Developer at Port of Norrköping. This confirms our function as a modern and customized port with an incredibly good geographical and demographic position.

- With increased awareness about the environmental issue and a lack of drivers throughout Europe, we strongly believe this will be something that many will consider to be a good complement to the traditional trucking solutions from Poland and Eastern Europe, Stefan Larsen finishes.

2017 - A good year for Port of Norrköping

Economic boom and strong development in the region, makes positive financial statements for Port of Norrköping. A summary of 2017 shows record levels, above all for container. But several types of goods show a steady development.

Port of Norrköping has for a long period had a very positive development in the container segment, and 2017 containers increased with 30 % compared to previous year, reaching a record of 132 000 TEU (Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit).

The growth is the result of a long-term investment in the container segment, which has favored both import and export business in the region. Several establishments and investments in Norrköping also has created new volumes of goods and has strengthen the ports attractiveness. During the last year traffic services has increased and large container lines are now focusing more on the expanding Baltic Sea region, meaning more container traffic over Norrköping.

The total amount of goods in Port of Norrköping has increased over the last years. During 2017 the port handled a total of 4.3 million tons. In addition to container, goods within energy and grain segments are expanding.

In mid-November Henrik Åkerström took office as CEO.
- Port of Norrköping has a clear market position, steady growth and ambitious development goals. I am excited and glad to be a part of the ports continuing development with increased volumes, and adding new values to our customers. Sustainability is also an important focus for us, where we can see ever more customer requirements, says Henrik Åkerström, CEO.

Important and large-scale developments in infrastructure are taking place within and around the port of Norrköping. In November the construction of a new railway connection began. This means an electric and direct railway connection to the port. In the meantime, planning of expansion of the Pampus Terminal continues. 640 meters additional quay and 100 000 square meters of new areas are being planned to meet future demands on smart logistics solutions, increased volumes in goods, larger ships and more efficient production. By 2023 the new port is planned to be ready.

Strong logistics location focuses on sustainable cluster

Norrköping and the surrounding region in Östergötland is still one of the top three logistics locations in Sweden. Now severals actors, Port of Norrköping being one of them, join a new logistics cluster.

Every year, magazine Intelligent Logistik, lists Swedens top 25 logistics locations. Norrköping has for several years been among the top three, even so this year. Geographic and demographic location as well as quality and sustainability regarding the regions infrastructure are some of the criteria for making it high on the list. This means locations with a container port, efficient road transportation and good railway infrastructure are strong.

- We are glad to continue our consolidation of our position as one of the strongest logistics locations in the country. We have had a strong development in our port, especially regarding container, for the last years. A continuous development of the port is important, both for our customers and for new business established in our region, says Ola Hjärtström, Marketing Manager at Port of Norrköping.

Recently, Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, announced a long-term EU investment on a logistics cluster in our region, Östergötland. Municipality of Norrköping, Region Östergötland, University of Linköping, Port of Norrköping and others will, during a three-year period, build up and establish a joint competence center, based in Norrköping. The cluster will focus on sustainability and long-term structure changes, which makes it unique in Sweden.

- We will gather competence and operative units for actors in logistics under one roof, to make it easier to act and establish business in the region, says Pontus Lindblom, Business Director at the Municipality of Norrköping. Our geographical location and investments in shipping and railway enables us to offer sustainable transport solutions, which is and will be all the more important.

Single largest ever container handling in Port of Norrköping

A total turnover of 648 units were handled during a port call on January 18th.

Upon completion of cargo operation on the MSC operated vessel “MSC JOY” thursday night Jan 18th, around 22:10 hrs in the Port of Norrkoping, a small internal ceremony marked the occasion of the single largest ever container cargo handled in the port. A total turnover of 648 units were handled during the port call.

Our container services offers a modern integrated intermodal terminal with a total capacity of about 300.000 TEUs annually. More info here about our container services >>

Henrik Åkerström – our new CEO

Since November 20, Henrik Åkerström is our new CEO at the Port of Norrköping. Henrik has long and solid experience in the transport, shipping and logistics industry, with good knowledge of the region's business and development.

Previously, Henrik was the CEO of Alltransport in Östergötland AB. Before that he worked at Green Cargo.

− I took this job with a clear picture of Norrköping Harbor as a fine company with a clear market position, good growth and ambitious development goals, says Henrik Åkerström. Now, for a couple of weeks, I have gotten acquainted with the company and the employees, and my image has been strengthened. I am impressed with the breadth and competence of the business. At the same time, I see things in our work and the customer values we create that are important for me to work on. Much is about a long-term sustainable approach, which I’m passionate about. It is exciting and a big challenge to contribute to the port’s continued development.

Henrik puts a lot of time on getting to know the different parts of the business, being involved in the work at the quays and in the terminals. There will also be a lot of time for contacts with customers and partners.

− I know several of our customers and their activities, but I am also looking forward to getting to know new ones. It’s important for me and my employees to understand the customers’ conditions and the values we add.

Henrik Åkerström succeeds Patrik Åman, who retired in September. During the fall, the company’s CFO Karl-Johan Ringborg had the role of acting CEO.

New crane at the Öhman terminal improves operations

A new rail bound electrohydraulic knuckle boom crane are now operating at the Öhman terminal. The new crane enables more efficient and flexible handling of goods. Good environmental performance and a good working environment is also a bonus.

The crane has a load capacity of up tp 20 tons and a working radius of 26 meters, making it especially suitable for handling bulk goods such as wood chips, timber and pulpwood.

The investment is a part of a larger modernization of the port’s cranes, where we over time have invested in three new rail bound cranes of different sizes.

–  We are in a strong growth phase with new customer assignments, says Ola Hjärtström, Marketing Manager at Port of Norrköping. Our latest crane is a welcome investment, increasing capacity and a part of our long term development strategy.

New crane no 45, working side by side with crane 47.

Information about tariff changes for next year

We want to inform about upcoming price changes in our current port tariff. Unless otherwise agreed, prices will increase with an average of 2 % from January 1, 2018.

Our adjustment of the prices are due to increasing costs regarding, amongst others, staff, leasehold, electricity and fuel costs.

We are looking forward to a continuing cooperation for the next year!

Construction start of new railway to the port

During Monday November 13, the start of the new rail link – Kardonbanan – was initiated. The so called Kardonbanan, is a new electrified railway between the Southern main line near Åby and the port of Norrköping.

To initiate the construction start, Minister of Infrastrucure, Tomas Eneroth, Director-General of the Swedish Transport Administration, Lena Erixon and Lars Stjernqvist, Chairman of the Municipal Council from the Municipality of Norrköping, all took part in a symbolic construction start in the Pampus Terminal at the Port of Norrköping. 

– The purpose of building this railway is to strengthen the capacity of goods and in a clever way take advantage of previous investments. Kardonbanan is historically important, borth for the city of Norrköping, but also for Sweden. This investment creates opportunities for businesses to set up and invest in the city, said Tomas Eneroth, Minister of Infrastrucure.

– Finally, after 25-30 years of negotiation and discussions are turned into action, says Lars Stjernqvist, Chairman of the Municipal Council from the Municipality of Norrköping.

An effective handling of goods, and to increase the amount of goods transported by rail, is important to the Port of Norrköping.

– This is very awaited. We have worked with this project for many years, so today is a big day, says Ola Hjärtström, Marketing Manager at the Port of Norrköping.

The project is co-financed by the Swedish Transport Administration and the Municipality of Norrköping.

Minister of Infrastrucure, Tomas Eneroth and Director-General of the Swedish Transport Administration, Lena Erixon.

Lars Stjernqvist, Chairman of the Municipal Council from the Municipality of Norrköping.

Strong development during the year

Port of Norrköping has a steady growth in operations. Now that most of the year has passed, we can note that last year's strong volume development continued even in 2017. Several business segments has developed well over the year - especially the container segment.

- During the last two years, container volumes in Port of Norrköping has more than doubled, says Ola Hjärtström, Marketing Manager. The growth shows clearly that our strategy is working and that we add value to our customers. However, it has been a challenge at the same time, when the growth has been faster than planned, due to the strained situation in other ports in Sweden.

The sharp increase is mainly due to a strong and growing catchment area, new customer assignments and a stable range of shipping lines. The leading container lines are currently represented in the port on weekly basis. At the same time, rail traffic to the combined terminal in the port has also increased.

- We continue to work to achieve increased accessibility and a stable service level for our customers, says Robert Olsson, Production Manager. It is partly about increasing our workforce, but also about increasing efficiency in existing businesses and finding new ways of operating.

Henrik Åkerström new CEO of Port of Norrköping

Henrik Åkerström, 51, is new CEO of Port of Norrköping. He follows current CEO, Patrik Åman, who retires.

- We are pleased to have found a new CEO who will continue the work to further develop the company. Port of Norrköping is a successful company with exciting challenges in the future - both commercially and with a planned expansion of the port. We are convinced that Henrik Åkerström will continue to take the company forward, says Hans Lundin, chairman of the board of Port of Norrköping.

Henrik Åkerström comes from the CEO post of Alltransport I Östergötland AB. He has long and solid experience in the transport, shipping and logistics industry, and has a great knowledge of the region’s business and development.

- I think port of Norrköping is a solid company with good growth and a clear market position with ambitious development goals. It is a big challenge and extremely exciting to lead the business further and I am convinced that I can contribute to the development of the port, says Henrik Åkerström.

Henrik Åkerström will take over as CEO during the fall.

New Sales Manager

On May 15th, Magnus Grimhed starts to work at Port of Norrköping. He will eventually succeed our current sales manager, who will retire in the future.

During the last ten years, Magnus has been active in the Maersk Group at various positions in the sales field, of which the last three years as General Manager of Seago Line Scandinavia.

We are pleased to be able to connect Magnus’s broad knowledge and industry experience to us, and warmly welcome him to the company!

All time high for Port of Norrköping

We are experiencing positive times regarding both foreign trade and traffic. This is shown through a stable development in several types of goods, handled by the port.

During 2016 goods volumes handled in the Port of Norrköping increased by 7 % compared to 2015. This is good increase of growth in comparison with the country’s total port volumes, where the increase was relatively marginal. In particular, the success of container handling is evident, where Port of Norrköping increased by 60% in 2016, and with an unprecedented growth rate during this year’s first months.

- The growth is the result of a long-term container initiative that benefits both import and export companies in our region, says Port of Norrköping CEO, Patrik Åman. We have also had several establishments and investments in Norrköping that creates new volumes of goods. This strengthens the port’s attractiveness, and in recent years traffic has increased, he continues.

The significant increase in containers in a short period of time, has of course also meant that parts of the port operations have been affected. At the beginning of the year, the company has therefore strengthened its capacity with staff recruitment and investment in an expanded machine park, to be able to handle continuing volume increase.

The major container shipping companies are investing in increased traffic in the growing Baltic Sea region. Norrköping is well situated, with its strong port and logistics location, with capacity to handle large ships, and several of the leading container shipping companies now operate the port.

- We have a good balance between import and export. It favors container shipping companies that can be well-stocked in both directions. When shipping companies invest here, our hinterland area grows, while providing an efficient container port with high capacity and flexibility, Patrik Åman finishes.

Seago Line expands regular services in Norrköping

Seago Line, Maersk’s european short sea shipping company, has launched a new container line connecting Sweden and Poland. Norrköping is one of the stops.

“We are happy to offer our customers in both key Baltic markets a solution that meets their specific transportation needs and enables further trade growth”, shares Wojciech Muchlado, Seago Line Managing Director for East Central Europe.

Officially launched on 28th January 2017, the new service connects Gdansk in Poland with Gävle and Norrköping in Sweden and continues further to Bremerhaven in Germany and Felixstowe in the UK. Vessels from Gdansk towards Sweden depart on Saturdays and offer a competitive transit time of two days to Gävle (arrivals on Mondays) and four days to Norrköping (arrivals on Wednesdays).

The new service also offers an additional connection from Sweden to the hub in Bremerhaven by making use of Gävle and Norrköping ports as an alternative to the more congested Swedish west coast.

More information can be found at seagoline.com

Increased container volumes in the Pampus Terminal

During the past year the container volumes have increased substantially in the Pampus Terminal. This means we can not keep the same short lead times at drop-off and pick-up of containers as before.

During the past year the container volumes have increased substantially in the Pampus Terminal. Behind the rise are several new flows of goods and customer orders, both on import and export. Shipping and rail operators have expanded their services, and as an effect car traffic for incoming and outgoing deliveries of the units have consequently grown.

This volume growth means that today we can not keep the same short lead times at drop-off and pick-up of containers, as we made earlier. Especially during certain times, such as near the breakfast and lunch breaks, the customer can expect a little longer wait in the terminal.

We are pleased to see a continued increase in the container segment, and works long-term to continue the development of productivity, the organization and the entire port facility.

Electrified railway to the Pampus terminal

A new electrified railway, between the Southern main line near Åby and the port of Norrköping, the so called Kardonbanan, is being planned. This means shorter and greener transport of goods by rail to and from the Pampus terminal. Construction starts this year.

The construction of this railway, also lays the foundation for the high-speed railway Ostlänken, and makes the handling of goods more effective and increases the amount of goods being transported by rail. The project is run by the Swedish Transport Administration and the Municipality of Norrköping.

For the port of Norrköping, the new railway to the Pampus terminal is long awaited. The port is important for the regions business, and an intermodal node where sea, road and rail converge in a combined cargo terminal. The railway project is one among many infrastructure projects where the fairway has been expanded with capacity for the increasingly larger vessels operating in the Baltic Sea, and where there also are plans for a new road connection between the port and the major European and national roads passing Norrköping.

Port of Norrköping and the Municipality of Norrköping are working on the project of expanding the Pampus terminal, as the inner harbour in the central part of Norrköping is being transformed into residential areas. The expansion is expected to be completed by 2023, with doubling of the quay length and increased handling surfaces.
For the port of Norrköping, the new railway means a number of improvements and development opportunities. Freight volumes are predicted to increase, and the electrified rail connection means a shorter distance to the terminal and an opportunity to avoid traffic with environmentally harmful diesel locomotives. It also makes it easier to combine rail and shipping for long-distance freight transport, which is a key objective for national goods transports.

- For the port, this means shorter and greener transport of goods by rail to and from the Pampus terminal. That means the port of Norrköping may offer a more efficient handling of goods which provides a better solution for our customers, says Ola Hjärtström, marketing manager at the Port of Norrköping.

New warehouse for export goods now in use

Now our new expanded weather-protected warehouses, is in use. Here we store and stuff in containers export freight for paper manufacturer BillerudKorsnäs, among others.


The warehouse has been expanded to double size, about 12 000 square meters, has indoor train tracks and eight work places for container stuffing. Adjacent, a further railway track is now being built. 

We are experiencing an increase regarding container stuffing of paper products, and we are expecting further extensions of planned volumes from several suppliers. The volumes are mostly received by train, stored, and then exported with shipping (container) but also by road transport.

warehousw 2

Read more about our Storage and Terminal services and Container stuffing.

Unifeeder new in Norrköping

In september, Unifeeder started to traffic Port of Norrköping.

Unifeeder, a commercial feeder company, starts to traffic Norrköping. This is a consequence of CMA-CGM’s change of strategy, where they are now focusing their traffic on direct lines between the continents.

With this change, the stable development we have in the container segment for the moment, continues. Regarding handled containers in the Port of Norrköping, we have increased the numbers by 57% during January-August compared to the same period in 2015.

Futuristic houses “landed” in the port

A special load of two so-called Futuro houses, arrived to the port of Norrköping on June 22.

The Futuro houses were produced during 1968-1974, designed by Finnish architecture Matti Suronen. The houses, which are ca eight meters in diameter and four meters high, are built of fiberglass plastic, originally designed as holiday homes.


In Sweden, the Swedish Armed Forces, has owned these two Futuro houses, since early 1970’s. They have been used at a practice shooting range south of Söderhamn, where they were placed on top of concrete towers, 14 meters high.

During spring the houses were dismantled and have now been transported by sea to the port of Norrköping. One of the houses will be used for conferences by The Swedish Air Force Museum in Linköping. The other house will be sold on the open market after restoration.

Futuro houses

In total, 100 of these houses were built during the production years. There are about 60 houses remaining worldwide, and the houses, that have become cult, are internationally sought after by enthusiasts.

Map and AIS of vessels in port

Follow vessels in Port of Norrköping via map and AIS on our website.

Vessels in port - map >>

Container weighing in the Port of Norrköping from July 1st

From July 1, new rules on the weighing of sea containers applies. Filled sea containers must now have a certified gross weight before being loaded for shipping.

The rules are based on regulations from IMO, International Maritime Organisation, and means that filled sea containers must have a certified gross weight before being loaded for shipping. The gross weight is determined by weighing, and the information must appear on the shipping document. A special certificate, VGM (Verified Gross Mass), shall verify the export container’s total weight.

The regulations state that it is the transport buyer / sender (“Shipper”) who shall ensure that the verified gross weight of the container appears in the shipping document. If the shipping document for a full container lacks information on verified gross weight, it will not be loaded on the ship according to the regulations.

Port of Norrköping therefore provides weighing of containers with the help of container trucks’ existing weighing equipmen

More information about routines and pricing is available here.

New customer and goods office at the Pampus Terminal

From Monday April 25 our two goods offices in the Pampus Terminal are being merged into one office at Oceangatan 9. With this change our commitment is to provide a comprehensive, efficient and flexible customer service for the whole terminal.

Along with this we also change the traffic flow for all incoming traffic to the Pampus Terminal. Attached map (PDF) shows hos traffic will be managed.

Opening hours are as before:
Customer/goods office (registration): Mon-Fri 06.00 - 18.00
Loading/unloading, breakbulk : Mon-Thu 06.00 - 21.30, Fri 06.00 - 18.00
Loading/unloading, container: Mon-Fri 06.00 - 20.00

Loading/unloading after 18.00 requires notification of shipping documents no later than 17.00. This applies to all goods except containers.

Pre-notified goods are cited straight to gate as before.


Premiere lift for the port’s new crane

Last Friday the new crane at the Öhman terminal was used for the very first time. This crane is the first of two cranes that Port of Norrköping invest in this year. Next crane will be delivered to the Pampus Terminal this summer.

The crane is an electrohydraulic, knuckle boom crane on rail. The crane has a load capacity of 6-21 tons and manages vessels with a width of 20 meters. The crane at the Öhman Terminal will be used for different types of bulk goods and will complement our other mobile and rail cranes.

New name and profile

From being Norrköping Port and Stevedoring for many years, we now become Port of Norrköping, in short. At the same time we renew our graphic profile, which for example can be seen here at our new webpage.

It is in a time of change and many exciting challenges that we are sharpening the company’s profile.

During the following years we will leave the Inner harbor, and we are in the midst of planning a conversion and expansion of the Öhman and Pampus Terminals. It is a large and important project, which in the long term will secure the regions need of proper transport, and strengthens regional economic comptetitiveness. At the same time we make room for other valuable development in the city of Norrköping.

With the development we are facing, we want to make clear our position and simplify the communication with our surroundings. Our new brand will strengthen the image of our business as modern, long-term and industrial. Our new logotype is easily associated with logistics, and builds on the idea of directions, movements and nodes, but also cranes and berths. That brings to mind our business within port, transports and logistics.

Welcome to Port of Norrköping!

Port of Norrköping welcome new Production Manager

Since August, Port of Norrköping, has strengthened the organization with Robert Olsson, our new Production Manager.

Robert Olsson takes up the post as Production Manager after Tomas Gustavsson, who now will focus more on sales, as Sales Manager. Robert is educated Sea Captain, and has also studied business and organization.

Before joining Port of Norrköping, Robert was employed at SMHI, the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute, as Group Manager of Ocean and Sea Ice Forecasts. Earlier in his career he worked for GAC (Gulf Agency Company) in Dubai, USA and Brazil, and he has also served with Wallenius Shipping, Silja Line and Star Cruises, Malaysia.

Advantages of Short Sea Shipping

Port of Norrköping raises the question about benefits of short sea shipping as a more sustainable transport solution, in a new animation.

We want to raise the question of a more sustainable transport solution and a way to transport freight in a rational manner. With short sea shipping, we can reduce the flow of freight trucks and travel the same route in more efficient ways - which will lead to great environmental benefits.

Watch our animation and think in new ways!

Port of Norrköping hub of the East Coast’s logistics location

Investments in the port of Norrköping strengthens the entire East Coast’s region as a logistics location. That is concluded in the magazine Intelligent Logistics in its annual survey of logistics locations.

Norrköping region, together with Gothenburg has for several years topped the annual ranking of logistics positions. A number of elaborate criteria including demographics, infrastructure, logistics area, service and partnerships are rulers of the survey of localities and regions’ competitiveness in the logistics field.

The region around Norrköping is considered to have an optimal demographic location close to the main markets. Particularly singled on rail and highway connections with excellent standard.

During the past year, several companies located their logistics operations to the region, including Rusta setting up a new central warehouse of 63 000 m2 adjacent to the Port of Norrköping.

- It’s great that we consolidate our position as a logistics location. The development of the harbor is important for our customers and for new businesses that have chosen to establish themselves here, says Ola HJärtström, Marketing Manager at Port of Norrköping.

Five years ago we opened a new container terminal at the Port of Norrköping, while also shipping channel to the port was expanded.
- We are now seeing the effects of the investments made. On the container side, we receive larger ships. During the last year the number of sea containers increased by almost 10%, and we are experiencing continued strong growth during the year.

Meet us in Munich

Norrköping Port and Stevedoring will attend the international Transport Logistics exhibition in Munich on May 5-6.

If you want to meet with us, please contact Marketing Manager Ola Hjärström at ola.hjartstrom@nhs.se or +46 11 25 06 55.

New draft in parts of Norrköping port

The Swedish Maritime Administration has stated a new max. draft in Lindö Canal and in the fairway to quay 38-40.

The new draft in Lindö Canal is 7.30 meters.
The new draft to quay 38-40 is 6.80 meters.

We will provide further information and details as soon as they are known.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

We wish all our customers, partners and others a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

As a tradition, we support the Swedish Sea Rescue Society with a Christmas gift.

Port of Norrkoping focus in Chinese country report

South China Morning Post recently published a Sweden Country Report, with an article about Port of Norrkoping as a Nordic and Baltic hub.

South China Morning Post specifically identifies the importance of the port for containers and project cargo, but also tells of the planned investment in a new cross-docking terminal in the port area.

Simplified customs procedures for exports

NHS is now authorized by the Customs Department to receive electronic clearance certificate for export.

Clearance certificate replaces the export accompanying document, and the information sent electronically goes directly to NHS.
The authorization relates to the electronic messages ZKB and ZKL from Customs.

Load Location Code is VR 9.

Any questions answered by Lennart Sedhav, phone +46 11 25 06 81.

Newly appointed Environmental Officer

During September, Linn Almcrantz taken up the position as Environmental Officer.

Linn will work with operational and strategic environment and the company’s environmental management system. She comes from a position as an environmental engineer at ONE Nordic AB (formerly E.ON ES Sweden AB).

Linn is warmly welcome to our company.

CMA CGM starts own weekly traffic to the Port of Norrköping

To strengthen its services in Scandinavia and the Baltic region, container shipping company CMA CGM is now starting a weekly service between the Port of Norrköping and Zeebrugge in Belgium.

French CMA CGM is the world’s third largest container shipping company, with 400 ships and more than 150 routes in a global transport network. The Company believes in a strong performance in the Baltic Sea region, and has invested in several new own vessels between the east coast and ports on the continent. CMA CGM sees increase in export and import volumes in Norrköping region, and the new line’s schedule and destinations is an additional contribution to the port’s existing container traffic.

CMA CGM calling on Tuesdays / Wednesdays in a loop from Zeebrugge via Kaliningrad to Norrköping and then on to Rauma, Gävle, Hamburg and back to Zeebrugge. The new container traffic began Tuesday, June 11.

Norrköping container port is now served by shipping lines CMA CGM, MSC, Team Lines and Transatlantic.

Welcome to our new homepage

We develop not only the port. We have also taken the opportunity to renew our website.

Ambitionen har varit att skapa en levande och lättillgänglig webbplats med tydlig information om hamnens roll och utbud av tjänster och trafik. 

The ambition has been to create a vibrant and accessible website with clear information about the port’s role and the range of services and traffic.

Some interesting news on the website:

- New map of the port with detailed information about our terminals.
- Under For Arrivals we have collected useful facts about activities in and around the port.
- E-services to customers with access to our online services login in the upper right corner.
- For media and other interested parties there is a pressroom, including an image bank.

We hope you will like the website. If you have comments and / or questions, feel free to Ola Hjärtström, Marketing on telephone +46 11 25 06 55.

East Coast’s strongest logistics location

The region around Norrköping is one of the strongest logistics locations in Sweden, where port of Norrköping has a great importance. That is concluded in the magazine Intelligent Logistics in its annual survey of logistics locations.

A number of elaborate criteria about including demographics, infrastructure, logistics area, service and partnerships are rulers of the survey of localities and regions’ competitiveness in the logistics field.

The region around Norrköping considered to have an optimal demographic location close to the main markets. Particularly singled on rail and highway connections with the excellent standard

It´s noted that the expanded container port and intermodal terminal in the Port of Norrköping is a very important resource for the region. Finally, the paper also points to the importance of good access to land and establishment leading logistics education and research at Linköping University.

Norrköping region, together with the Gothenburg has for several years topped the annual ranking of logistics positions.