Port of Norrköping hub of the East Coast’s logistics location

Investments in the port of Norrköping strengthens the entire East Coast’s region as a logistics location. That is concluded in the magazine Intelligent Logistics in its annual survey of logistics locations.

Norrköping region, together with Gothenburg has for several years topped the annual ranking of logistics positions. A number of elaborate criteria including demographics, infrastructure, logistics area, service and partnerships are rulers of the survey of localities and regions’ competitiveness in the logistics field.

The region around Norrköping is considered to have an optimal demographic location close to the main markets. Particularly singled on rail and highway connections with excellent standard.

During the past year, several companies located their logistics operations to the region, including Rusta setting up a new central warehouse of 63 000 m2 adjacent to the Port of Norrköping.

- It’s great that we consolidate our position as a logistics location. The development of the harbor is important for our customers and for new businesses that have chosen to establish themselves here, says Ola HJärtström, Marketing Manager at Port of Norrköping.

Five years ago we opened a new container terminal at the Port of Norrköping, while also shipping channel to the port was expanded.
- We are now seeing the effects of the investments made. On the container side, we receive larger ships. During the last year the number of sea containers increased by almost 10%, and we are experiencing continued strong growth during the year.