New name and profile

From being Norrköping Port and Stevedoring for many years, we now become Port of Norrköping, in short. At the same time we renew our graphic profile, which for example can be seen here at our new webpage.

It is in a time of change and many exciting challenges that we are sharpening the company’s profile.

During the following years we will leave the Inner harbor, and we are in the midst of planning a conversion and expansion of the Öhman and Pampus Terminals. It is a large and important project, which in the long term will secure the regions need of proper transport, and strengthens regional economic comptetitiveness. At the same time we make room for other valuable development in the city of Norrköping.

With the development we are facing, we want to make clear our position and simplify the communication with our surroundings. Our new brand will strengthen the image of our business as modern, long-term and industrial. Our new logotype is easily associated with logistics, and builds on the idea of directions, movements and nodes, but also cranes and berths. That brings to mind our business within port, transports and logistics.

Welcome to Port of Norrköping!