Henrik Åkerström – our new CEO

Since November 20, Henrik Åkerström is our new CEO at the Port of Norrköping. Henrik has long and solid experience in the transport, shipping and logistics industry, with good knowledge of the region's business and development.

Previously, Henrik was the CEO of Alltransport in Östergötland AB. Before that he worked at Green Cargo.

− I took this job with a clear picture of Norrköping Harbor as a fine company with a clear market position, good growth and ambitious development goals, says Henrik Åkerström. Now, for a couple of weeks, I have gotten acquainted with the company and the employees, and my image has been strengthened. I am impressed with the breadth and competence of the business. At the same time, I see things in our work and the customer values we create that are important for me to work on. Much is about a long-term sustainable approach, which I’m passionate about. It is exciting and a big challenge to contribute to the port’s continued development.

Henrik puts a lot of time on getting to know the different parts of the business, being involved in the work at the quays and in the terminals. There will also be a lot of time for contacts with customers and partners.

− I know several of our customers and their activities, but I am also looking forward to getting to know new ones. It’s important for me and my employees to understand the customers’ conditions and the values we add.

Henrik Åkerström succeeds Patrik Åman, who retired in September. During the fall, the company’s CFO Karl-Johan Ringborg had the role of acting CEO.