Electrified railway to the Pampus terminal

A new electrified railway, between the Southern main line near Åby and the port of Norrköping, the so called Kardonbanan, is being planned. This means shorter and greener transport of goods by rail to and from the Pampus terminal. Construction starts this year.

The construction of this railway, also lays the foundation for the high-speed railway Ostlänken, and makes the handling of goods more effective and increases the amount of goods being transported by rail. The project is run by the Swedish Transport Administration and the Municipality of Norrköping.

For the port of Norrköping, the new railway to the Pampus terminal is long awaited. The port is important for the regions business, and an intermodal node where sea, road and rail converge in a combined cargo terminal. The railway project is one among many infrastructure projects where the fairway has been expanded with capacity for the increasingly larger vessels operating in the Baltic Sea, and where there also are plans for a new road connection between the port and the major European and national roads passing Norrköping.

Port of Norrköping and the Municipality of Norrköping are working on the project of expanding the Pampus terminal, as the inner harbour in the central part of Norrköping is being transformed into residential areas. The expansion is expected to be completed by 2023, with doubling of the quay length and increased handling surfaces.
For the port of Norrköping, the new railway means a number of improvements and development opportunities. Freight volumes are predicted to increase, and the electrified rail connection means a shorter distance to the terminal and an opportunity to avoid traffic with environmentally harmful diesel locomotives. It also makes it easier to combine rail and shipping for long-distance freight transport, which is a key objective for national goods transports.

- For the port, this means shorter and greener transport of goods by rail to and from the Pampus terminal. That means the port of Norrköping may offer a more efficient handling of goods which provides a better solution for our customers, says Ola Hjärtström, marketing manager at the Port of Norrköping.