Dredgingworks in the Pampus Terminal starts October 1st

The dredging work that began in the Pampus Terminal during the autumn and
winter of 2019/20 will be completed during the autumn of 2020 and be ongoing
until January 2021. After January 2021, minor dredging work remains in the
vicinity of the existing quay.
Blastings will also be carried out this autumn, but for a shorter period of time.

The expansion of the capacity at the Pampus Terminal, in the Port of Norrköping, began in
November 2019 and includes new quays and terminal areas as well as deepening of the
water area in the harbor basin. The water activity mainly consists of dredging at the new
quays and in the harbor basin.

Blasting work underwater starts October 1st

Blastings will take place underwater in the western parts of the Pampus Terminal and will
start on October 1st. They can be felt in the immediate area through vibrations and be heard
as a rumbling boom. The blastings will be preceded by warning signals before the start of
the blast through long and short signals, as well as a longer signal after the blast has been
performed. Blasting will take place once to twice a day, between 7 am and 9 pm. Blastings
have already been going on, since August, in the Pampus Terminal area on land, and these
blastings can also be felt and heard on and around Händelö.
Blastings underwater will be carried out from the 1st of October and will last for about 1-2

Dredgingworks will be made from October 1st 2020 until January 2021.

Work will be carried out along the harbor basin in the Pampus Terminal. The dredging work
is expected to be completed in January 2021. After January 2021 minor dredging work remains in the vicinity of the existing quay.
Longer ice periods can, however, delay completion. Great consideration is also given to, for
example, fish’s reproduction time, which governs during which times of the year dredging
and blasting may take place.