Development of the port, underwater blasting finished for the season

The dredgingwork at the Pampus Terminal for better basins and longer quay started in November 2019. From the middle of December there has been work including underwater blasting. This work is now finished for this season and we can summarize a winter with very successful results especially regarding impact on the environment, as we see results well below limit values.

We want to thank all involved for good cooperation and understanding of these works this winter.
Some work including underwater blasting remains and will start again in October 2020. 

The port of Norrköping is developing a modern and efficient port, valuable to ensure market supply. We create an environmental, business and socio-economically sustainable port. We secure the regions need for functioning transportation and strengthens regional business competitiveness. With a continuously expansionary port,
Norrköping and its surrounding region has a good support for strong future development.