Current fire information, ongoing measures and opening of the Pampus Terminal

The major fire that broke out on Sunday in a depot at E.on’s heating plant Händelöverket had an immediate impact on port operations at Pampus Terminal in Norrköping. During the evening and night, the company’s staff has made a strong effort, with a focus on securing operations, and minimizing the risk of injury to people, goods, ships and other traffic. As a result of the incident at Händelöverket, we were forced on Monday morning to decide to keep the Pampus Terminal closed for the time being, with consequences for the business’s production and incoming land and sea traffic, as well as for the company’s staff.
At lunchtime on Monday, the Rescue Service was able to announce that the danger to the public is over and that the general restrictions that have been in place have been lifted. However, heavy smoke remains in the area around the Pampus Terminal, which can have an impact on people in the area and cause us to have to make further decisions about the operations and traffic in the terminal.

The current planning is as follows:
Gate A for Break Bulk, Energigatan: After consultation with the Rescue Service, we have decided that the gate for Break Bulk at Energigatan 38 will be opened to customers and traffic on monday afternoon. As soon as we have green light we will announce that the terminal is open.
Gate B for container, Oceangatan: Our current effort is to open up the container terminal on Tuesday, starting at 08.00. However, this only if the conditions allow this, with reference to the fire and the smoke situation. Full information about this will be given tomorrow Tuesday at approximately 07.00, at this website and in direct contact with the container hauliers concerned.
The Oil Harbour has not been affected by the current restrictions, and is open as usual.

Finally, we would like to inform, the decisions made due to this firesituation were forced to be made to ensure port operations and the rescue service’s work. We do not consider ourselves responsible for any disruptions and costs that may arise in our customers’ operations.
/The Management, Port of Norrköping