All time high for Port of Norrköping

We are experiencing positive times regarding both foreign trade and traffic. This is shown through a stable development in several types of goods, handled by the port.

During 2016 goods volumes handled in the Port of Norrköping increased by 7 % compared to 2015. This is good increase of growth in comparison with the country’s total port volumes, where the increase was relatively marginal. In particular, the success of container handling is evident, where Port of Norrköping increased by 60% in 2016, and with an unprecedented growth rate during this year’s first months.

- The growth is the result of a long-term container initiative that benefits both import and export companies in our region, says Port of Norrköping CEO, Patrik Åman. We have also had several establishments and investments in Norrköping that creates new volumes of goods. This strengthens the port’s attractiveness, and in recent years traffic has increased, he continues.

The significant increase in containers in a short period of time, has of course also meant that parts of the port operations have been affected. At the beginning of the year, the company has therefore strengthened its capacity with staff recruitment and investment in an expanded machine park, to be able to handle continuing volume increase.

The major container shipping companies are investing in increased traffic in the growing Baltic Sea region. Norrköping is well situated, with its strong port and logistics location, with capacity to handle large ships, and several of the leading container shipping companies now operate the port.

- We have a good balance between import and export. It favors container shipping companies that can be well-stocked in both directions. When shipping companies invest here, our hinterland area grows, while providing an efficient container port with high capacity and flexibility, Patrik Åman finishes.