Maintenace dredging during the summer 2021

port of Norrköping from above. The oil port and the Pampus terminal are visible and three ships are a quay.

During the summer, maintenance dredging is carried out near the port of Norrköping to restore previously
established depths and secure the fairway to the port’s quays.

The work will take place during May-September 2021 and includes the Pampusinlet, as well as the inner portquays, Öhmansterminalen and the Lindö canal.
The dredging is part of the ongoing maintenance that is carried out regularly to secure the port’s functions and is carried out on behalf of the municipality of Norrköping

The maintenance dredging will be carried out from the end of May to September 2021.The work is performed around the clock, every day of the week.
The schedule may change.

v.25-28 Pampusterminalen/Pampusrännan
v.28 Pampusrännan
v.28 Lindökanalens mynning i Bråviken
v.28-29 Oljehamnen, P1 kajnära
v.29 Pampusterminalen, P3 kajnära
v.29 Lantmännen (Sjötullsgatan)
v.29 Lantmännen, kajnära (Sjötullsgatan)
v.30 Öhmansterminalen, kajnära
v.31-35 Lindökanalen
v.36 Blixtholmssundet/Svängbassäng Tungkran
v.36 Kajnära kaj 36, 38, 40

The work is carried out by a so-called suction dredger, which is a vessel with suction equipment that collects sediment from the bottom. In some cases, dredging
with a bucket can also be made. The dredged sediment is pumped up to a landfill on the northern parts of Händelö, from a location east of Kardonbron. A pumpline will be placed under the Kardonbron, around the island of Neptun.
Work is carried out in accordance with the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency’s regulation NFS 2004: 15 regarding construction noise. Measurements to ensure good water quality are made regularly

For further questions regarding upcoming maintenance dredging, please contact:

Project manager:
Emil Johansson,
emil.johansson@nhs.se, +46-11-25 06 24

25 june - 16 july: John Sundqvist, john.sundqvist@nhs.se, +46-11-25 06 61

Communications manager:
Linda Jonsson Melin,
linda.jonsson.melin@nhs.se, +46-11-25 06 56