The oilharbour, Port of Norrköping, from above


Johan Ekström

Terminal Manager, Oil harbours

+46 11 25 06 13

Mobile Telephone
+46 70 381 41 35


From Port of Norrköping, petroleum products is distributed to large parts of eastern and mid Sweden. Several major petroleum companies are among the customers, as well as various independent storage companies with volumes for trade on the world market.

The port facility includes three oil piers at Pampus Oil Terminal and a pier att Ramshäll depot. All types of petroleum products can be managed. The total storage capacity amounts to nearly 1 million cubic meters.

The company provides loading and unloading of vessels and maintenance of connecting piping.

At Pampus Oil Terminal, pipes and custody systems are owned and managed by the external operators, while Ramshäll depot is operated and managed in-house.