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COVID-19 Status

Read more about how the Corona virus Covid-19 is handled in Port of Norrköping, and get current status and updates.

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Vessels in port

Each year, the terminals in the Port of Norrköping are called by a variety of vessels on their way to and from destinations around the world.

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Port development

Leaving the Inner Port, we are facing exciting challenges. Now we are planning tomorrow’s efficient port with an expansion of the Pampus Terminal.

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Arriving vessels

21/09 FURE VEN

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Pampus Terminal closed for the time being due to fire smoke

The fire at Händelöverket, which started on Sunday, is not yet under control on Monday morning. Due to heavy fire smoke, we have been forced to decide that the Pampus Terminal will be closed for the time being during the day. The forecast for if and when the terminal can be opened during the day is unclear.

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