Port of Norrköping - Facts

  • Founded in 1907
  • Port, Stevedoring and Terminal operations
  • Wholly owned subsidiary of Norrköping City Hall Company (Norrköpings Rådhus AB) and included in Norrköping Municipal Group
  • 154 employees (2018)
  • Turnover 245 msek (2018)
  • 1 043 vessels (2018)
  • ca 130 100 TEU (2018)



Hans Lundin, Chairman
Daniel Sonebrand, vice Chairman
Mattias Ottosson
Johan Lindekrantz
Cecilia Ambjörn


Eva Vikmång
Anne Vilu
Conny Passmark

Management team

Henrik Åkerström, VD
Karl-Johan Ringborg, CFO
Jenny Ericson, HR Manager
Magnus Grimhed, Sales Manager
Ola Hjärtström, Market Manager
Raymond Axelsson, Technical Manager
Hans Karlsson, Operations Manager