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Environmental & Quality Manager

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A port of the size as in Norrköping causes concentration of polluting transport by sea and land. Meanwhile, the port of Norrköping has a favorable position from an environmental perspective.

Norrköping is located on the waterfront, but not on the coast. This means that sea freights, with good performance per transported unit of weight, can be used to get straight into a hub with a good balance of export and import flows, and where a very strong land infrastructure for rail and road meet up.

The emissions generated as a result of the arriving transports is the dominant environmental impact of port activities. However, the the port operations also has a direct impact on the environment. Environmental issues that are common to the port operations are noise, dust, waste, emissions to air and water, consumption of natural resources and the risk of incidents.

The Company's permit for its operations, with requirements based on laws, regulations and recommendations, are monitored continuously by the Company's control.