Joakim Pettersson

Harbour Master

+46 11 25 06 66

Mobile Telephone
+46 70 601 08 48


Port of Norrköping have terminated the dredging in the oil harbour and inner parts of the port. Work is for the time being paused, due to new procurement of entrepreneur. The contract has been cancelled due to a number of technical factors.

Ca 60 % of the dredging spoil are removed. Remaining areas where dredging is not yet started are basin outside the Öhman Terminal, Lindö channel and basin at quay P1.

Port of Norrköping are currently evaluating the dredging carried out so far, and how to progress with remaining areas.

Any inquiries regarding conditions for shipping, please contact Harbour master Joakim Pettersson.

Current draft

For current information regarding draft, please visit The Swedish Maritime Administration.

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