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From July 1, new rules on the weighing of sea containers applies. Filled sea containers must now have a certified gross weight before being loaded for shipping.

The rules are based on regulations from IMO, International Maritime Organisation, and means that filled sea containers must have a certified gross weight before being loaded for shipping. The gross weight is determined by weighing, and the information must appear on the shipping document. A special certificate, VGM (Verified Gross Mass), shall verify the export container's total weight.

The regulations state that it is the transport buyer / sender ("Shipper") who shall ensure that the verified gross weight of the container appears in the shipping document. If the shipping document for a full container lacks information on verified gross weight, it will not be loaded on the ship according to the regulations.

Container weighing in the Port of Norrköping

Port of Norrköping provides weighing of containers with the help of container trucks' existing weighing equipment.

Order of weighing tasks
Weighing tasks is ordered via e-mail to contterm@nhs.se

Order must obtain following information:
Mail headline: "Order of container weighing"
Booking number
Container-ID (if available)
Date for arrival to terminal (or information that the unit is in terminal)
Client, including billing address and organisation No.
E-mail address

Weight data is supplied by e-mail to the client, whom is also responsible for payment. Weight data are not delivered to the shipping company. The client has to take into account the requirements of documents and closing times that each shipping company has specified. For technical reasons, we can not guarantee that the weighing can be carried out immediately after ordering. Clients are therefore requested to have good foresight.

Pricing and conditions

Further information will be found in our tariff.