Rules for access


Mikael Persson

Port Security Officer

+46 11 25 06 27

+46 70 600 33 02


All ISPS classified terminals in the Port of Norrköping are subject to access control.

From 1 May, new applications for access to the port of Norrköping will be digital.  
You find the application form on our website. After submitting the application you will be contacted by our card administration for further instructions. 
f you already have an authorized entry / access card, you will not be affected by the change before your access has expired and must be renewed / changed.                                                
Pre-notification of transports must still be made to the gates in the best possible time.

For short (24h) and non-recurring visits, please contact your contact person at the Port of Norrkoping.

All terminals in Port of Norrköping follows the international ship and port facility security code (ISPS Code) which includes access control. In the ISPS-classified area, only persons who has  approved access by the port is allowed. Below are various types of access to the port’s areas.

- Personal NHAB access card - the personal access card is assigned to internal staff, as well as external staff who do not have another compatible access card (eg ID06, SSG or similar card).
- ID06 / SSG / other access cards - if an external person has a compatible access card, this must be connected to the port’s access system. State this when applying for access.
- PORTIT -  by ”visit codes”, for example, drivers who have to pick up or leave goods in the terminals. 
- Keys - keys is managed in the application for access. 
- Short (24h) non-recurrent visits -  access is given after pre notification to your contact in the Port of Norrkoping and legitimation at each gate.
- Visitors without applied access - Visitors may not stay in the port’s areas without a contact person present.


Welcome to the Port of Norrköping!